Our services at sambhavam are currently focused on early intervention for children up to 8 years and academic support for primary school. We conduct parent training programs as well as periodic awareness and training workshops. In addition, we offer internships to undergraduate and graduate students seeking to learn more about autism and ABA.

Early Intervention

Assessments and IEP

When we start working with a child, we perform a comprehensive set of assessments to identify their strengths and developmental needs. These assessments include behavior assessments, cognitive assessments, communication assessments and motor assessments. Based on the current abilities of the child, we identify the next set of goals and the methods to work with them. This leads to the development of a detailed Individual Education Program (IEP). IEP then becomes basis of all our conversations about the child’s learning journey. Progress is tracked along the goals and IEP is updated periodically with new goals.

One to one ABA Therapy

We offer two hours of Applied Behavior Analysis based therapy to every child, every day from Monday to Friday. During ABA therapy sessions, we focus on various goals in language development, cognitive development, self help skills and motor skills. With young children, we specifically work on toilet training and eating habits. Each therapy sessions is one to one - there is a therapist dedicated to the child during this time.

Our time slots are 9.15 am to 11.15 am, 11.45 to 1.45 pm and 2.30pm to 4.30pm. Each family can choose a slot comfortable for them.

Speech Language Therapy

A two way channel of communication is a very important need, especially for children on the spectrum. Since communication challenges are among the key features of autism, many children benefit from speech and language therapy. However, speech therapy is not just about speech or language but about holistic communication.

At sambhavam, we offer speech therapy in 45 minutes sessions per day, at a frequency recommended by our therapists, based on the needs of the child. We also train non-verbal or minimally verbal children and their parents on the use of Assisted and Augmented Communication systems like PECS, AWAZ etc.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy is among the top therapies recommended for autism. The general focus of OT is to improve the child’s ability to participate in activities of daily living, which may include things like dressing or brushing teeth.

During OT sessions, the focus is on improving fluency in gross motor actions like climbing stairs, fine motor actions like using a paint brush, daily living skills like tying shoes and social functioning goals like catching a ball.

At sambhavam we offer 45 minute OT sessions, at a frequency recommended by our therapists.

Academic Support

Shadow Teachers

Remedial Programs

Home Schooling Support

Trainings & Workshops

Parent Training

Awareness Workshops