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Support for the whole family

We understand the support needs of the whole family in this journey with autism. Parent consultations, counselling and coaching are part of our work. Parents are encouraged to sit in the sessions to observe and learn. End of the day, it is your child!

Child centered programs

Each child on the spectrum is unique. The needs, goals and approach of each family are different. We take all these factors into consideration while designing individual education programs. Choosing the right goals is important!

Systematic Progress Tracking

We take a very systematic, data driven approach to our work with children. Different behaviors are tracked, interventions are planned, executed and the effectiveness is documented. What is the point of all the work if we can’t show progress?

Highly Trained Therapists

We recruit selectively and train thoroughly. We have a highly experienced core team that ensures our teams remain technically competent, empathetic and compassionate. All of this to give the best learning experience to the child and the family. The journey is as important as the goal!

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