Autism Journeys 2 : Mamma’s Boy

Anyone who has read about autism or has interacted with individuals with autism, would know their inclination towards rigid, strong patterns as a way of interacting with the environment and people around them. Change in such patterns is particularly challenging to accept and adapt to. Why, change is challenging for all of us! This story Read more about Autism Journeys 2 : Mamma’s Boy[…]

Autism Journeys 1 : A Melodious Success

At Sambhavam, we support children with autism to learn new skills, increase independence, develop communication and social skills, and decrease challenging/problem behaviours. We use ABA (Applied Behavioural Analysis), which involves various behavioural techniques, to understand and manage behaviour and to teach new things to the children. Through meaningful, skill building experiences, we build on children’s Read more about Autism Journeys 1 : A Melodious Success[…]