We love autism!

we help children and adults with autism manage their lives

Assessment and IEP

Functional assessment in academic and non-academic areas and Individual Education Programs (IEP)

One-to-One ABA Sessions

One-to-one ABA sessions for children and young adults, implementing the IEP

Hobby classes and remedials

Crafts, dance, music classes and remedial classes in English, Math, Science. Conducted by trained therapists.

Trainings and Workshops

Training parents to help their children. Workshops for parents and educators

Autism and Us

At the heart of Sambhavam is a family that has made peace with autism. Our son was diagnosed in 2009, when he was 3 years old. Ever since, we have constantly been focused on understanding him and helping him manage his life.
Along the way, we have picked up experience in ABA and other methods of edcuating children on the spectrum. One of us is a Board Certified Assisitance Behavior Analyst (BcaBA), certified from the US Behavior Analyst Certification Board. The other has significant experience in the education space. We homeschool our son and have worked with children on the spectrum for about 5 years now. Over the last year and half of running Sambhavam, we have built a team of passionate people, committed to working in autism education space.
We are now at a stage where we believe autism to be an expression of neurodiversity in humans. Different, not less - as Temple Grandin puts it. We don't think autism is a curse, tragedy, suffering or doom. We don't think people on the autism spectrum need to be 'cured' or be made 'normal' or that autism should be eradicated.
We believe that children and adults on the spectrum should be provided the help they need to make sense of themselves and the world around them. We also believe that the world around them (including their famlies) needs help to be more aware of autism and be able to make sense of people on the spectrum.

That's why at Sambhavam, our focus is firmly on helping people on the spectrum manage their lives.

We have an awesome team

At the helm, people with a good mix of professional and personal experience with autism, and academic expertise...

Chithra Seshadri

Chithra has about 7 years of experience working with autism. As a parent-turned-professional, Chithra brings a unique perspective to her work. She firmly believes parent awareness, training and ongoing involvement is an integral part of helping children on the spectrum.


B.E., MBA (IIM Bangalore)
Venu has about 10 years of experience in education and management. At Sambhavam, he combines his experience as an autism parent with his expertise in education, to design academic programs for children and adults on the spectrum.

Suruchi Sancheti

Suruchi has about 11 years of experience in the autism space, working in both India and abroad.


Speech Therapy
Octave is a well-known name in the field of speech-language therapy. Dr. Preeja Balan (co-founder and Director of Octave, over twelve years of experience) and Tanuja Talele (gold medalist for her MSc degree in speech and hearing, over 7 years of experience), help us with Speech Therapy at Sambhavam.

Late Dr. U. Subba Raju

M. Tech., Ph. D. (IIT Mumbai)
Academic Advisor
Subba, as he was popularly known, worked at the grassroots level with children, for about 15 years. He was our friend, guide and philosopher. At Sambhavam, he still is our guiding light for anything related to teaching and learning. We leave his name here to honour his memory. RIP, Subba!

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